The green state of Oregon has seen an exponential leap in recreational-marijuana sales, increasing from $795 million in the year 2019, to $1,110,520,723 — topping $1 billion in total sales.

Gov. Kate Brown’s lock-down undoubtedly played a major role in the spike. A spike of 20% hit in March and kept climbing through to the end of the calendar year.

In the month of May alone, Oregon saw sales top $100 million — a record for a single month. Revenue then surpassed $100 million in each of the three months that followed, seeing an increase of $106 million in July.

In 2014, measure 91 was approved by Oregon voters which effectively legalized recreational use of cannabis. Sales were soon regulated at the beginning of the following year. The state believes the revenue from marijuana sales in 2020 will likely exceed $150 million. Optimistically, the sales provided at the expense of people getting high will primarily be distributed toward substance-abuse programs and screenings.

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