If you assumed the year 2021 wouldn’t try to match the chaos of 2020, oh, you would be sadly mistaken my friend.

Wednesday, January 6th, at roughly 1pm EST, frenzied protestors stormed the U.S. Capitol, suddenly forcing Congress into recess and the House floor to be evacuated. 

Thousands of Americans descended on the Capitol, like fire ants surrounding, consuming and laying siege to the conquered marble Hill. 

The main doors of the Congressional chambers were broken and almost torn down. A woman was shot and airlifted out by helicopter, to later die in the hospital. A shirtless man took over the dais while sporting what I can only describe as a buffalo hide — in the Native American shaman-style with the horns attached and worn up on the head. A dude was even seen smokin’ a fat joint in the rotunda.

The DC mayor issued a swift 6pm curfew in response to all the mayhem. Five hours after that order, the Capitol is now reportedly “clear” again. The FBI along with the National Guard was called in for assistance as Capitol police were completely overwhelmed. It is 9:20pm EST now and Senator Josh Hawley is speaking on the floor; Congress has reconvened but all of Capitol Hill remains on edge. 

President Trump held his “Save America Rally” this morning and it began nearly the same time as members of Congress assembled to vote on the Electoral College certification.

The tone and tenor of the rally inevitably shifted to a higher pitch as Trump addressed the fraudulence and irregularities of the 2020 election. More notably, when Trump mentioned Vice President Mike Pence’s letter, informing the crowd that Pence won’t help “overturn the election”, the President then declared “we will never give up, we will never concede”, the crowd’s agitation quickly grew more apparent, and they began to mobilize toward Capitol Hill soon thereafter.

Photo credit: Mike Pence Twitter

My personal, initial reaction to the breaching of the Capitol was mixed with emotions. 

I don’t condone any violence. I don’t condone the breach and damaging of the Capitol. I do condone angrily protesting these spineless, feckless dilettantes that We the People — the American citizens have elected to power.

I honestly don’t appreciate seeing the House floor desecrated but I also don’t mind seeing career-politicians humiliated like dogs forced to wear a cone around their head so they can’t bite their own dirty ass. These being the same politicians who kept us locked down throughout 2020 while they enjoyed their tax-funded, jet-setting lifestyle. I would be more sympathetic toward the DC swamp rats if they hadn’t consistently turned a blind eye to the Riots of 2020 and so eagerly locked up the doors to our businesses.

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

However, I do sympathize with the DC police precinct as they were just doing their job but were exasperatingly reduced to that of a clown-show.

Listening to the Democrats becry today’s mob for desecrating the “honor, symbolism and prestige” of the Capitol complex is some of the richest irony of the New Year, after they called for every statue, street, school and park honoring Washington or Jefferson to be renamed just last summer. 

I am not sticking up for the those who laid siege to the Capitol, but the mainstream media eagerly rushed to condemn the crowd today as something of a violent, frothing mob of Trump voters. If you remember correctly, the mainstream media were bashful and reluctant to label Antifa and Black Lives Matter antagonists appropriately as criminals, arsonists, and murderers. When Trump supporters are pissed off because they feel an election was legitimately stolen from them, they’re supposed to shut up and stay inside because they’re Super Spreaders and conspiracy theorists. When Democrats are pissed because of their Critical Race Theory, they get a pass, and arsonists who wear their colors are given the quaint title: “Peaceful Protesters”.

A small business was engulfed in flames thirty-feet high and an NBC reporter on live television labeled the arsonists as “Peaceful Protesters”.

Nancy Pelosi was asked about a Christopher Columbus statue being destroyed and dragged into the river of her hometown Baltimore, she retorted, “People will do what they do.” 

When Antifa was tossing molotov cocktails into police precincts and literally burning down cities across America, Jerry Nadler declared on July 26th, “Antifa is a myth.”

To some extent, the Washington Establishment deserves to sit in its own rank, crap-filled diaper at this point. Although, I admit I don’t believe bringing pipe-bombs onto the House floor is the most pragmatic solution to carry out that goal.

(AP Photo/John Minchillo)

In his response to the madness today I heard Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) say, “We’re not Russia.” No, we’re not, we’re worse. We can’t see into the depth of our own corruption, and it’s partly because of the bureaucratic RINO’s like Kinzinger, Romney and their cronies on the Left. The Washington Elite simply do not grasp the gravity or consequence of the 2020 election. In their minds, it’s just another clock-in, and clock-out. 

Republican leadership can’t begin to turn their backs on Trump– more importantly, his agenda  –just because some of his fiercest supporters stormed the Capitol today.

Lindsey Graham, one of the President’s more loyal supporters, said something tonight to the effect of, “Trump, it’s been a hell of a ride, I hate to end it this way. . .my God I hate it.”

The America First movement is indeed bigger than any one man, but make no mistake about it, Donald Trump is the stalwart of that movement and the entire Republican Party. Trump reinfused the Grand Old Party with an indomitable fighting spirit, reintroduced common sense trade policies — trusting but verifying our less-trustworthy “allies” overseas. Setting aside all the accomplishments, failures, positives and negatives, Donald Trump is America’s last hope. I know that seems melodramatic, but going off of Biden’s track record– if he assumes power –America will either become China’s puppet, Venezuela’s daddy, or Russia’s sidekick. The Biden administration would sign a new stimulus bill every two weeks. Borders of a Biden America will be flung wide open to everyone from MS-13 gang members to Chinese nationalists to war-torn, Middle Eastern refugees. The Republican leadership believes they witnessed a Banana Republic exemplified by the mob today, while they simultaneously forget what type of dystopian world we will find ourselves in if Joe Biden assumes office. A character like Lindsey Graham quickly throws Trump under the bus because he’s been in Washington for thirty years and can get away with it. He’s well connected and just won his Senate race in South Carolina so he’s got six more years to his name. He’s ultra-wealthy even for a career-politician, he owns multiple estates and therefore should have no issue fending for himself in the Dystopian States of America.

Republicans like Lindsey Graham are choosing to obsess over a largely nonviolent mob today, more than the Left overlooked the Riots of 2020

Republican voters will not overlook those Establishment politicians who place themselves in a higher esteem than the people that elected them. If they have proven anything at all, Republican voters have shown Washington they will not overlook disloyalty, nor turn a blind eye to stereotypical DC corruption.

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