The snobbish elitism displayed by the professorial “Educators” of universities is repugnant and one of the core reasons why I have given my life’s cause to dismantling this corrupt academic power-structure; to leverage the system they invented against itself. To give the collective academia a heartfelt middle finger, and force them to choke down their own putrid “medicine”.

Most “Educators” don’t want to lend a hand, they want to enrich themselves and look down on you and keep you in the dark, holding over your head potential income and future business connections. They preach and spew every type of “diversity” with the exception of intellectual diversity.

They do this intentionally because as long as intellectual diversity is drowned out from the campus, they can inoculate the masses about every other type of diversity — as if gender, race, sexuality is more important than intellect. It is rank tribalism, and blatant groupthink. It is the essence of identity politics being injected into our youngest, brightest minds and our society is bearing the harsh brunt.

It’s the mentality of someone who spends an obscene amount of money on education but doesn’t see the fruits of their education, yet feels a tremendous sense of entitlement because of the amount of time and money they spent on college so they could possess a piece of paper that warmly reaffirms them: “Congratulations! You’re a master!”

People will spend 6 years and $100k on a master’s degree yet won’t master any matter to any degree other than their Instagram. 

They become mastered by the phone, some even reduce themselves to amateur prostitutes. They become another mindless zombie, ensnared by the blue light of the Technocracy like another fattened mosquito pulled into the zapper.

I have personally spent a little over $2,000 on “self education” over the last 7 years. It takes an average of 6 years to achieve a master’s degree, so I hope you understand why I may get boastful and a bit mad when speaking on education and it’s relative value in our current society. I don’t view “education” as a 4-6 year stint and I don’t believe an “education” should financially cost you an arm and a leg. With over $2,000 in books, I can come near– if not exceed –a typical university education. I know my properly educated friend’s with degrees don’t want to hear that, but frankly I don’t give a shit. The truth will always hurt and I’m done cowering to political correctness just because someone is too soft. Benjamin Franklin was an autodidact, Leonardo DaVinci was an autodidact — no, I am not claiming to be anywhere near those men in respect to their natural, God-given intellect — but we have so much to learn from minds like theirs. People like Mike Rowe and Joe Rogan are great examples, and role models of this philosophy. The titanic, mythical figures of commerce embodied this principle. Whether it be John D. Rockefeller or Cornelius Vanderbilt, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, Patrick Joseph Kennedy or Henry Ford.

Take George Orwell for example, arguably the most prolific writer of the previous century, and yet he couldn’t study literature in college because the subject wasn’t accepted at the time. Orwell took it upon himself and studied the writing style of those he considered “masters” of the craft, eventually giving birth to his own prodigious technique. The famous novelist Charles Dickens took the same approach as well, but without the boost of higher education. 

My intent here is not to indict, disparage or denigrate the American education system as a whole, international statistics can do that all on their own. We should all know by this point how far the U.S. is lagging behind in the international “education race” (we’re 27th, by the way), but my honest intent– and my hope –is that people will begin to take it upon themselves to further their education, and that people learn to grow and think independently of an institution.

I’ll be the first to let you know that I am not intellectually on par with a Rhodes Scholar, but I believe I have a fresh unique perspective I can bring to the national dialogue that a Rhodes Scholar cannot. That is the perspective of the redneck, blue-collar, working class. To the cognoscenti, it’s the true perspective of the proletariat.

Unfortunately in America and much throughout Western society, the leadership of the academic institutions have managed to shelter, isolate, coddle and constrain the mind, effectively coercing the masses to rely upon external forces for their education and livelihood. Modern academia relishes in the role of holding the carrot by the stick. We shouldn’t require a university, a professor, or that neatly-framed piece of paper written in Old English calligraphy for our resume; our potential income, network and connections. All we really need is a fervent, genuine, humble curiosity, a raw, keen intellect, a wholesome, righteous moral foundation to stand upon, and a loving family to teach us to read and write– with elementary arithmetic –as young as possible, in order to lay the groundwork for institutional education and beyond. 

Institutional education should merely supplement our basic, lifelong pursuit to better ourselves as human beings. Institutional education should not become the foundational cornerstone which we rely upon to build the rest of our livelihood. I mean that beyond economically, or individually, collectively. It’s a lot bigger than just enriching your pocket book and giving to your community. It’s about having a simple, holistic approach to life. If someone as dumb as myself can learn the fundamentals of political philosophy, government, history, commerce and science, then anyone can teach themselves any subject matter. I really mean that. The human mind is truly amazing, elastic, and borderline supernatural. Don’t ever limit yourself. Don’t ever doubt yourself. Don’t ever limit your mind or your livelihood by believing that only some gray-haired, goose-fleshed, dilettante, dotard of a professor can teach you the life skills required to obtain “success”. (I use quotation marks because success is a relative term, but again I digress.) 

If you’ve got two hands and functioning gray-matter you can learn anything, be anything, do anything in this crazy-ass roller coaster we call life, particularly if you’re blessed enough to be born in the United States of America. Don’t let any damn person tell you otherwise. 

Know your limitations; know what you know, and know what you don’t know. 

Always strive to remain self-aware.

Remain aware of your biases and prejudices.

Only elaborate on the things you know, and shut up about the things you just learned or know nothing of. Listen to and read the words of people you know are genuinely more wise and knowledgeable than you. 

Never stop learning. 

Never stop growing as a human. 

Creator God gave us the capacity to reason, for a reason. So choose your reason carefully, share it passionately with the entire world, and pass it down to your progeny. 

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